thomas bigot




diy modular synthesiser


spatializatorz v3

improved version , sound movements visualised by leds, cv input, in developpement


spatializatorz v2

arduino based sound spatialisation module
first version source code "spatializarneteur"
spatializatorz 's project

website dedicated to my modular synthesiser system


modular, 2015

home made modular synth, prototype for a new sound installation project and for future live set!

MS-HUB, 2015

hub to make links between the original and the reedition of the mythic synth



drasah, 2014

Audio/video live during about 45 minutes, Drasah consist in minimalist 3d images and synthetic sound generated in real time. Drasah is in line with synesthetic experiences, relying on accurate synchronization between audio and visual events.

video : Pierre Mersadier -pure data / gem
son : myself - arturia microbrute / yamaha an200 / korg electribe / plogue bidule / accousmodules, spatial quadriphonic sound system

performance at :

THSF in may, 2014 :

photos: Pauline Julina Fournier





# "expansive octophony" 2012


+ images

listen to a sample, 8 chanels are "flatten" in stereo



# "sono-graphic device" 2009

speakers mounted on felt pen, drawing, led by the vibration they broadcast
a control station allows the operator to modulate the sound, and so to control each speaker, different variations become different drawings due to the movement
each sound source has its color, pictorial composition is then "sound controlled"






# untitled, 2006, 10 copies .stereo (total: 12min33sec)