STRUCTURES POLYPHONIQUES / polyphonic structures

A pipe construction, dictated both by assembly logic and by chance, draws in space and transports sound through what becomes a network.

Sound, produced by computer synthesis is a succession of frequencies that are distended, decayed, deconstructed, and thus evokes an abstract tone, it travels through the network and escapes by the numerous leaks that are as much a listening point as possible.

2009, hexaphonic installation
Hexaphonic device, painted wood, pvc, color tape, varible dimensions

2008, Mulhouse 008
Contemporary creation from European art schools, Mulhouse Exhibition Center
Quadriphonic device, pvc, wood module (200x200x80cm), 2 oil on canvas (160x160cm)

2007, l'avenir dure longtemps
Grandes galeries, Rouen Art School
Quadriphonic device, pvc

2007, terra incognita
Plant garden's orangery, Rouen
Quadriphonic device, pvc