Wires, copper experiment cards, crocodile clips, transducer speakers, contact microphones, various electronic components, variable dimensions
Funded by the région Occitanie as part of a creation grant

Copper experiment cards normally used for engraving printed circuit boards are used as such as a conductive construction element and connected to a network of bare copper wires thanks to hundreds of crocodile clips.
All these elements form a gigantic common reference potential (ground) of the entire installation on which electronic assembly are connected in a color code that allows to classify and recognize families of components.
Contact microphones transmit the sound emitted by this conductive metal construction to a multitude of loudspeakers transducers whose vibrations that feed the network are picked up by other microphones.
Transmissions of those sound informations between the different parts of the structure are (dis) -organized by several random electronic devices that trigger, switch off, transform and spatialize these forms of feedback.

Drawing studies: