PROPAGATION, 2022-2023
Ongoing project, funded by the grant Traversées.
Interconnected feedback system

A network of pipe filled with salt water serve as conductive tracks for the electrical sound production system and are the vectors for the vibration’s propagations. Copper electrodes are immersed in it and make it possible to connect the different parts of the system to each other.
The vibrations are picked up by piezo microphones, amplified and diffused in different points of the structure, which can in turn be retransmitted to another place, and so on. Plastic receipes bottles more or less filled with salt water have the role of resonance boxes thanks to the transducer speakers which are glued to them and are points of connection between the tubes.
Over time and electrolysis, the water evaporates and the electrodes begin to oxidize, several parts of the system no longer conduct current which impacts the sound production process in an uncontrollable way.
The circuit is closed on itself, but each part is interconnected, so it is not an endless loop but an unstable environment whose multiple chain reactions are linked, and randomly influence the entire device.

preparatory drawings